Powerless Fate

Forever forlorn my heart will be if she does not come soon
Burning emptiness staring into me as I look up to the moon
Days burning into longer nights, still my sadness grows
Love has but one reflection but too many faces it shows
Am I the only desolate soul to feel this lost inside?
Desiring how you envelop me, feelings I'll never hide

To be here forever is all that I'll ever ask from you
My life isn't complete until you realize how I'm true
Alone when we're together is where this used to be
Inside I was closing in my mind racing to run free
Struggling for every breath I close my eyes to see
I cannot allow you to be rooted any deeper into me

I will not turn away from what always will be infinite
The tones of who we have become will echo and resonate
By the time I figure this out my time will be too late
A loss I cannot prevent and must hand over to our fate
Know after everything, I am lost if we cannot pull through
As time pushes this forward my will feels powerless to you