I Wait Up

I wait up, I pace around at night
Waiting for, I pray for the light
Where you show, I hope you remain
Someday soon, I can see you again


What makes you laugh until you cry
Laughter that makes you feel alive
The way it touches you cannot deny
A joy you crave to feel to survive

The softness of my lips is brave
in every way. They can't deny
the smile I imprint on their minds today
A sweet addiction you can't take away

A collaboration with Poet Destroyer A: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poems_by_poet.aspx?ID=18720

Love Speech

Please tell me about the existence of time
Is it meant for you or what I want as mine
Would you savor every minute meant for you
Will you compromise our life built for two

Come close, feel this heart beating for you
The only movement inside I compare to eternity
With every savoring minute, I make room for more
My love is proof of existence of time

A collaboration with SKAT A: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poems_by_poet.aspx?ID=17922

Frozen Within

Anxiety creeping like flooding water
Soaking into every crack and pore
Washing away the hope you may desire
Leaving you searching for a shore

leashing, grasping and ripping the chest wide
wounds forced with further embarrassment
guaranteed failure surrounds my day
therapy - still I feel singled out

A collaboration with SKAT A. Thank you!!!
Read her poetry: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poems_by_poet.aspx?ID=17922


Shadows tracing your life as though they were yours
Wishing all the while they were here and never more

Empty Spoon

Dark is the night that shows with no moon
Cold is the bed with nobody else to spoon

Summer Love

Summer love
By the sea
Splashing waves

An example of ellip poetry, written by my son.


Almost is the day it will surely happen
Never may really be a closer day
Prove to yourself while it is happening
Dreams are much nearer than away

Five Things To Recognize

Five things to recognize for our world to change: 1. Hunger 2. Opportunity 3. Hope 4. Mindset 5. Reality

?uestion It

Will we just get rid of this?
Can we deal with daily grind?
Are the wrong type of people?
Trying to toy with your mind?
Will we all just see the way?
For a life they have planned?
Or stand on our own two feet?
Defending our inches of land?


How does every loss in your life rule this world?
Who in your life is fighting to stand against it?
Has your creation of somewhat life been unfurled?
What should we do collectively to continue legit?


Flower in the ground
Relies on the sun shining
Dirt and CO2

Cold World

If you thought the war was cold before,
take the temperature of Putin
Worry about a country that is your own,
do not invade what is Ukraine
No blame is dealt on citizens of either
but on poor leadership within


Has the world lost its sight?
Can we still feel the weight of the Earth?
Are people willing to change?
How does humanity begin a sort of rebirth?


Ernest Hemingway
Not a drunkard on paper
Words ending too soon


She awoke suddenly in the midst of cold night
Startled from visions still held within sight
God rest near her bedside surrounded by light
Holding out a hand to navigate her end flight


Some have and some bank more
Some make money off the poor
Some gamble the bet to score
Some behind the unknown door
Some take risks forever more
Some will try but never soar
Some parlay nothing to score
Some demand for another door


Broadcast what you know well
Live after as a tale to tell
Figure out ways to owning up
To anyone you helped disrupt
Be taller than six feet down
Not only a loss in your town


UBC: United Brotherhood of Color

It is not a group but a movement
Working together for improvement
The color of skin is unimportant
Being as one to remain accordant


I have you on my mind each time I hit rewind
When I think of you it makes me feel sublime
A memory as fresh as the grape from the vine
Your sweetness that entices me to see inside


Have you had thoughts within your mind that weighed like a brick
Kept deep within your soul and burdensome from becoming so thick
Nothing else will ever compare to the prodigious magnitude of it
Keeping them trapped within your vault that you have constructed


She hates my clutter, how it is all around
Things that are lost, have yet to be found
Saying I just maybe have a little too much
Well everyone has to have their own clutch
Did I mess everything to end up far enough
How will I ever organize all of this stuff

Days Of Yesteryear

We would find a spot in our town
Any place we could just hang out
A nook we had to gladly get down
Retreating there and turning out

We tried to do something as dumb
As blame thoughts of being young
To think an end would never come
No stone unturned or song unsung

I Got Ripped Off

To those who scam one another
One day you will be smothered
You cannot do it for too long
And you know that it is wrong
Any delusion you may have had
Becomes much more than so sad
All you hope will not be true
It ends up that ending to you


He's an urban redneck
Likes his George and Madflex
He's country and what's next
Metropolis with crops

From barn to the city
Farming in the nitty-gritty
He's surrounded by concrete
Too many suburb plots

Sticking to dirt past
Agricultural for the future
He's certain who are unsure
Aware of hidden costs

Plowing his own stake
And modern, make no mistake
He's in tune to the horizon
Up until he drops off

All-Life Ride

Give me by plane and I'll be at your door
Send me on rail and I'll be back for more
I'll gas up the truck and be by your side
Step in my head and it's an all-life ride

Write On

I appreciate all poetry... write on.
In the style of 9-1-1 form, brought to my attention by Matthew Anish: http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poem_detail.aspx?ID=284183


What happens when dreams collide with fate
and you struggle to rationalize?
What about if everything burns up in smoke
and you are not able to realize?
What happens when you cannot find the time
being left only to fictionalize?
What about your ending beginning afterlife
away from what you can idealize?


Shadows only remain
Where life stood its ground
Far above their air
Its devastation burned down

(To all who have lost from war...)


Music is the mood in your bones
Keep it rolling like the stones
Vibrations that direct the soul
Sensations to dictate your role
Melody to make you feel at home
Rhythm for making the mind roam
Chorus of a heart that you know
Put yourself into your own flow

Six For You

Captured everyday is where I cherish our memories
Enraptured by you is where I explore our intimacy
So focused on you is where I planned this destiny
Encouraged by you is where I fulfilled any infamy
You are an inevitable entity resting inside of me
Holding on to whatever I forever prolong us to be


Rappers represent
Modern day correspondents
In the hip-hop age

Producers present
Orchestrated sound agents
Musical front page

One Spirit

Shine, courageously
To block out any darkness
You, the only light


I am tired of seeing war on the news
Get our acts together and get a clue
Not everyone needs to perish for you
Turn on those that try to hide truth
We have to see clearer than you knew

Teach Me The World

Who could not love culture or sharing each difference?
Do you not know what it feels like to be human?
Were you born with everything you need up until hence?
To miss out on that world would have me fuming!
We all need to figure out what it means to be another.
Quench the desire to spend your mind consuming.


Together Bonnie
We set out on a love spree
For eternity

Blinded by no tear
We will always remain near
Never showing fear

You have not left me
We survive in infamy
Bloody destiny

After We Exist Human Intelligence Remains Organic Yet Undying

Another voice enters this information spectrum, omitting dictation unheard by anyone. Lost echoes repeating into thinned obscurity, forever unknown. But your words exist, some indefinitely; your original waves undulate through air from experience. Vocalize innermost thoughts offered by U.
Based on a poetry form created by David Williams: start with a word beginning with 'A' then use a consonant, 'E' then a con., 'I' then a con., 'O' then a con., 'U' then a con.; repeat.


You build it up, to stand against wind
You layer it up, to withstand anything
You shelter you, to repel away my rain
You and a bluff, to bury me once again

Just Believing

What is the world without wonder
or for no sense in needing to get up?
How many takes to pull you under
until you fight back and feel abrupt?
You have to be without breathing
having to hold all in, just believing
Last as long as you possibly can
for opportunity does not repeat again


Whatever you say
Will never silence one thought...
This is modern war?

The following is from WikiLeaks. Viewer discretion advised: 

With respect to the duties of our soldiers, I commend their bravery and sacrifice, but should they have to be involved?

Perfect Day

I've never had a perfect day
but I've always known it's on the horizon
There's forever a part of me
blind that there's hope in the sun rising
I'll never stare too closely
as I'll not see what each day is devising 
I've got to just wait for it
what I've not expected is most surprising
A tell tale sign I'm obvious
that I'm not seeing the day is disguising
If it's up to fate to decide
my perfect day includes it's own uprising

No Perfection

Nothing compares to her exotic allure
One glance brings an immediate desire
Painfully close enough to feel a fire
Each second burns when not beside her
Ready for anything at a beckon moment
Fresh and more than capable to own it
Everybody knows she causes a friction
Casting the light we want to be under
The essence of what makes us want her
Is this what perfection is only about
On second thought, I know the reality
No woman needs pressure of a pedestal


My dad was always this mystery
A shadow from the past I never knew
My mom rarely talked about him
And I never begged for another clue
I met him as I turned eighteen
We went to a Rolling Stones concert
And it seemed somewhat surreal
To be as dried as the vacant desert
He gave the keys to my Mustang
A brown, little hatchback from 1980
It was wheels for a little bit
Even if it could barely go above 80
I was in Nebraska for one week
With him as he worked as a handyman
We talked and were catching up
But I know not what makes him a man
I met my half-brother in Omaha
When I went to visit many years ago
He clung to me like the memory
Of being a brother I may never know


To share with everyone... Answered call
To ellip, trendsetting... Thank you all
In verb form, elliping... Written small
If compared by meaning... Way more tall

Middle Ground

You have to be ready when there is no middle ground
You must stand far after life tries to get you down
You will be tempted to despair so become not undone
You mean as much each day as the rising sun becomes
You help other people if you think they might drown
You gain new perspective not willing to don a frown


There comes a point in time when nothing can save your life
An unavoidable argument, death becomes your ultimate strife
No one is able to help you and only God will understand why
Life remaining a memory, resonating as your eternal lullaby

Valentine Delight

Part 1.

Valentine delight!
I know it's just a first date...
I should spend a night.

I see what you want!
Although we recently met...
Let's live for tonight.

How tempting of you!
But what's a couple more days...
What if it's not right?

Part 2.

Valentine delight!
I know it's just a first date...
Should I stay the night?

I see what you need!
Even though I don't know you...

What's wrong with tonight?

How tempting of you!
But what's a couple more days...
What if it's not right?

(An entry in the "(Double) Haiku and Questionku" contest on PoetrySoup.)

From Quarrymen

Paul met John twanging banjo, singing a medley
Awed at what he heard playing by The Quarrymen
Five became four struggling to reach a destiny
Boarding a plane on an eternal trip since then

(Inspired by the "Beatlemania!" contest on PoetrySoup.)

Fingers Put My Mind To Keys

Do words live in my fingers
Making escape from the mind
Or might they be under keys

If they do live in the keys
Can I touch with my fingers
I hope they will never mind

But they sit within my mind
Not crammed inside the keys
Residing underneath fingers

Fingers put my mind to keys

(An entry in the "Introducing Tritina" contest on PoetrySoup.)

What The Falk

There was a time when you could hold me
But I have since learned to walk
Another when thoughts seemed to cage me
Now digital is a relational talk
Imagine unique ways to display yourself
Try and shun what they will balk
Stand in the places outside of yourself
Let your mind free you as a falk

Footle 02

Saddest bride to be: Ms. Eerie

Musical "sea" dish: "Tune"-a fish

Mathematician politician: Al Gore-"rhythm"

Footle 01

Less guns

More snug


Laying beside you in this heavy air
I turn to take in your sultry stare
A desire to taste you fills my mind
To pull you in while taking my time
Lowering closer indulged in wanting
My weakness for you almost haunting
Making a way around your naked body
Every bit of you begins to taunt me
Softness curling around your nipple
Being this close is never as simple
I press to you while you hold tight
Tangled in sweat until we see light

Devil Gun

Guns are the devil
Reincarnated metal
When in evil hands

Our Sin

I took you in soul and skin
I feel myself moving within
Taking it all to that point
Where holding in any longer
Would be our version of sin

Social Illusion

Gather close to read how things go down
Filling empty spaces with written sound
Turn it towards loud and alert the town
What of life went missing must be found
In the palm or on demand
Social illusion data jam
Bytes have taken command
Media cascading that dam
A little bit, not too much
Techno-legit, um, and such

Never Abide

Have you held an awareness deep inside
Gripping emptiness you managed to hide
Emotions spinning like a carnival ride
But to giving in you would never abide
Life can hit us hard
Time will never stop
Watch for every step
Prepare for any drop
Disregard negativity
Invite risky chances
Be unlike the cliché
Tempt second glances


A glow in the eyes fixed on that prize
No way to disguise they are mesmerized
Flash in a mind illuminated with sight
Lightning strike just when it is right


Memories decrease but never decease.


Independence only costs what you contribute
To live and die can be based on that choice
Fighting does not sound a call for violence
People accomplish so much more with a voice


Ever since our escape
and we met eye to eye
Lost in thoughts that
we needed to multiply

Innocence Over Ignorance

Look at the faces of our victims in schools
To do nothing now ensures that we are fools
We justify the right to defend our freedoms
But not with expenses paid by innocent ones
Let this be an hour to reach out your hands
Listen to far cries of the neediest demands
Put down any notion of life without burdens
Lift someone else up to spread inspirations
Be present in the most important situations
The gift of life is universal circumstances
Demands can be met with community solutions
Aiding those lost in their lonely delusions

Jerry & Tom

Jerry was running from Tom
The day it all went down
A mouse had the upper hand
And one cat wore a frown

On a quest with his mallet
As good as being in dark
That mouse was hard to get
Evading without one mark

Things were good for Jerry
He could always run away
Tom did what he always did
Plan for yet another day


Why am I not like what you want this to be
Looking up to yourself, peering down at me
The burdens for our love are getting heavy
Are we among rescued or captured eternally


Digital blackout
Another ecovictim
Saved by library


Cultures of the world fill our senses
recognized by different contributions
Brave spirits preserving what is left
from bulging cities to scant villages
Living in every corner of this sphere
separated by individual circumstances
There is no way to rely on each other
without the push toward equal chances

With You

Anywhere with you
Be it past, present, future
Prevailing as two


Told her I could rope the moon
She said go hail a cab
But my truck is parked in back
Are you down with that
Throttling between those lines
Her foxy turns my neck
I want to brake but keep going
Keep the mind in check
Moving up to break that stride
The end is what we bet
Something possibly rolls along
Better to never forget
Looking ahead and she is there
I might get in a wreck
Cannot keep my mind off of her
A sort of love lunatic
With many others my soul waits
My heart placing a bet
Will it or does it never exist
She could just say yes


Four season state
Humid with frozen
Organic and dairy
To moving forward
Cows and fraccing
Cheeses and metal
Cranberry bogging
Furniture vendors
Lumber years past
Nature its center
Those unmentioned
Always remembered
Any native spirit
Without exception
Packers call home
Barging on rivers
Schooling Badgers
Big river brother
Paper and welding
Milling and ships
One Midwest state
Wisconsin working


Save the government
Sworn to protect its people
Stop jiving freedom


Thank the world for its people that have been created
Shake a hand you disagree with after you have debated
Remember that the stars still do not know we are here
So getting one above is the worst thought of the year
Believe that time tries but fails to ever stand still
Doing what you know is true does challenge every will

Heat It Up

We melted alongside each other in the beginning
Gathering to build a love to be forever burning
With our kindling combined this flame only grew
Adding what we thought as if we knew what to do
Not enough made this bonfire almost smolder out
But embers are blessed for surviving throughout
Glances for us will always ensure we heat it up
Flaring from the ground and flowing as we erupt

For Two

Alone on the other end
of a call that just hung up
Turning off his phone as he
reaches to fill a cup

Time again being here
reunited with burdened luck
This moment is no different
getting into the truck

Pulling onto a highway
to avoid a southbound train
Looking only at darkness as
his eyes turn to rain

Life gave him no more
reasoning to be who he knew
Just like the social cliché
ending in fate for two

I Am Me

Somewhere within my deepest being
Lies someone who is always seeing
Staring into how I am the most me
Becoming what I have wanted to be


Politics in the USA on a downward spiral
Overworked anthems saturated with denial
Contemplating this stalling and lobbying
Makes me wonder why things are happening
All we have left is a vote counted right
Constituents unite to kindle their light
Learn about who is the correct candidate
Those making every choice for each state

Forward Resurgence

Locked in us all is the power to be
just that much greater unexpectedly
Summon a sort of forward resurgence
reaching out to proper intelligence
Focused on the well-considered plan
becoming part of nothing other than
Remember to watch for any deviation
following that trail of inspiration


Every mind is painted on a separate canvas
Lines brushed to give edge to their scenes
With a multitude of colors peppered around
Bordered by abstruse and diverted memories


Powerball jackpot
The odds are very haystack
For just one needle


Snow gives scenery its blanket view
But can quickly turn any back askew
Better seen than for pushing around
Not so bad until hitting the ground
Gliding across it is how I am found
To a warmer scenario than this town
All the temperature does is go down
Early spring will not make me frown

Dreams Away

What is the state of our world today?
Are you feeling any of this disarray?
Does everything seem to be so astray?
Can all of us work in unison someday?
Will we look to see every better way?
How might love be knowing it to stay?
When does life reach beyond each day?
Who has the mind to take dreams away?


Lying under a counter they say
One dollar is the cost to play
Two to make your winnings more
The next ticket is it for sure
Oops, being lucky is not today

Suicide Soldier

They sent him to serve without regarding his life
Voting for redemption instead of his kid and wife
He treads within mazes and shadows of a lost city
Those willing to die to save their family dignity
Fighting back against spiteful ignorance believed
What anyone will gain is only how it is perceived


Living simply renewed
Something coming true
Shaking off ignorance
Paid from persistence
Too many trips around
Finally answers found
From an eleventh hour
Stories will not sour
In this new beginning
The days worth living


Right as things turn it eventually crumbles
An overwhelming life in our love is at last
Just as we dread the bursting of our bubble
This is an opportunity we will not let pass

All Leading To One

Plucking strings of luck, pushing eternity forward
Life leaves us breathless and maybe lost for words
Fragile are the cracks of something once shattered
Mend how you are able to, believe in what mattered
Count your blessings before spending that hallowed
All leading to one until the path must be followed


Nothing hurts more than the inability to heal
Sometimes a memory is all that will stay real
What we cannot see is but half of what exists
Inside of a reality only oneself can only fix

Raining Memories

A time ago I walked the long road
Lost any memories of stories told
Fog so thick I could not be found
Any landmark is not forever bound
A cold wind carried an empty song
Resonating like some echoing gong
Raining can carry everything away
Submerging footpaths of yesterday


Politics is not about sides
To use money for free rides
Say what you may never mean
Transparent and very unseen
Chasing only greenest green
Appearing for a cameo scene
What really drives your day
The truth is running astray
You never can really add up
When you only fill your cup

Frozen Season

Winter falling as a slow motion rain
Resting on top of everything you see
Frigid landscapes could be mountains
Glowing moonlight casts a frosty sea

Tide Within

Beyond the shadow of doubt
Lies more sinister thought
An inner taking of oneself
From what seems inside out
Pressure too well withheld
And kept deep in some well
Rising up just to drown us
Quell reluctance and excel

Beyond the shadow of doubt
Lurks overwhelming thought
Diminishing our confidence
From what seems inside out
Pressure too well withheld
And kept deep in some well
Rising up just to drown us
Quell your wave and propel

Subtle Loop

As the mind turns, so do the pages of time
Life is a subtle loop with a sudden ending
Breathe in the night as darkness will fade
Dream until sunlight decides to swallow us
Keep in mind that knowledge is only inside
Intelligence is beyond what you just learn
What is not seen surpasses what is visible
Someday, we may be able to do it all again


Never forget the active and fallen soldiers.

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Thanks to ascii-art.com for use of the flag.