Past Tense, Enraptured

Perfect day, anyway
Nothing left to say
Holding on to
Don't you ever fade
Never go away

Past tense, enraptured
Everything is captured
In my mind, going over
How this can really be
What we have shattered

One by one, against me
It's all adding up now
We didn't count to you
Now it is best of luck
Like some random other

I'll be waiting to
Through any season
I'm not stuck here
Never held hostage
Deep in your heart

You couldn't get enough
Needed me to feel alive
But never in that sense
When I am needing of us
Wanting the heat inside

In some ways
There will be days
When we wake
Everything seeming
Out of place

But it seems
I'm only here in my dream
When I sleep
It's the same it has been
Start to end