Oil Volcano Against A Gulf


An oil rig is burning up
Mourning for eleven dead
Beaches blackened with tar
From drowning birds
To shattering lives
Oil volcano against a gulf

A pipe that still gushes
It is too late for blame
Things never will be fixed
From failed attempt
After foot-in-mouth
Needing more than a prayer

Fisherman lose their way
Skimming oil after spill
3rd coasters feel perilous
Still pipes pollute
Robots can not help
A disgusting mess this big

We should sustain within
At very least geothermal
Farm solar instead of corn
As Germany is doing
Fueling off our own
Equally paying our farmers

America cannot afford it
Wasting away another day
If we boycott, we will pay
Pump price going up
We see what they do
BP might raise them anyway

(Inspired by the "Gulf Oil Spill" contest on PoetrySoup.)