Wacky Weekend Challenge (Remembering Tom)

Inside the tiny kitchen
I build roller coasters
But my one dream I keep
Drifting off into sleep
Being a vacuum salesman

Rosie eats her medicine
Made from nuclear waste
Doctors at a convention
No patients are friends
Pain tastes like poison

Trying to wine and dine
In Spandex boxer shorts
Never works I do report
Dire Straits may cavort
Beyond gig closing time

Tidbits of a collection
Zings through wormholes
Ending in lunar craters
The Hammond entertainer
Sounds like inspiration

Insomnia has no opinion
In dreams, I smell mint
Listerine soaked tissue
Hello UFO, I do see you
Everything wearing thin

(Inspired by the "Wacky Weekend Challenge (Remembering Tom)" contest on PoetrySoup.)