Her, In Brevity

One miracle, alone in the big world
Nobody loves me she says to herself
Mom on the road, sister looks after
Grandma is there for lots of relief

Things are hard when you live alone
Living within feels like not a home
I am lost for how I begin the story
The woman who ends where she roamed

Growing up she was maybe a bit wild
A hard one to hold to say the least
A lot of things have happened since
1978, one being an old her deceased

1995, her little something happened
Miracle two, maybe a bit unexpected
She is the best good she could have
As a mom, nothing is ever neglected

Then the times when her body failed
What was wrong left doctors puzzled
Miracle three, known after learning
Candida has made her life befuddled

Now she's learning university level
Things will look up most definitely
She always knows to find the answer
Ending up where she planned exactly