Life Is Art (I Can't Draw)

Keep in mind while we try
While unraveling our time
Breaking down my thoughts
And see what I have found
For being utmost profound

With foresight of insight
The plan's for you and me
I know what I can make be

When in war, who has won?
Blood is blood for no one
Your life isn't ever free
You live nearby selfishly
Each past lives eternally
Saddle up to mosey on out
Speak truth without doubt

Becoming that wayward son
Moving the best direction
Love richly without greed
Live simply, lead by need
Here I go, rounding third

You know when all is well
Worth each second to tell
For feeling in your heart
Not escaping what is gone
It's an easy dash to home

You won't ever feel alone
You will end up beginning
The beginning's an ending
And someday I'll know how
Life is art, I can't draw