Love Leads Not Blindly

A love with no true compromise pretends
Live for anything you justify to defend
Days drift away, so many you may forget
Looking at history you saved as I spent

Know all those times I didn't say what I mean
Sometimes my best way to show is to be unseen
Money means nothing pertaining to buying time
Maybe a real thing won't ever leave your mind

I'm not hiding anywhere, I want you to find me
I'll prove this love being devoted rock steady
Go for another round, seek your needed insight
You can search for another, I am what is right

Has this life happened while we were asleep?
Will it be our dream that takes us too deep?
Is your life the book you couldn't put down?
Or taken by others taking you another round?

Once ago another time, dense fog was my only sight
I didn't see difference, clarity had no compromise
What I saw was what it was, and how it affected me
Now I can see what is real, love leads not blindly